Some Women Wax. Some Men Buzz. And Some Men In Australia Are Doing This.

NSFW is the name of the game with this short documentary. The career path that former women’s hairdresser/current naked barber Richard wholesale jerseys Savvy Start has built for himself Brunette will feel unusual for a lot of you, but it’s a safe space for him and his clients. And isn’t that what really matters?

(Once more with feeling: wholesale nba jerseys NSFW, from the moment you press play.)

Hey. Hey you.

Hopefully your reaction is a little less “I find this strange and ridiculous and it ruined my day!” and a little more “Well, that was an interesting Tape, look into someone else’s life.” (Either way, it’s OK. There were both reactions here on the Upworthy staff). I think we can all agree though To — this is something else.

You have to wholesale jerseys admit though: To willingly open your “not normal” life up to scrutiny just to share the story of who you are is a brave thing. These two are being completely honest, and Richard is living his Underwear own advice (at 5:22 — you were listening to the words they were saying, right?):

It’s the way we NYCに「ダイエット喫茶」が登場 should be in life, one thing that I embrace, not living to what we’re “meant” to be doing. … Having Ikhlas [a] normal job doesn’t appeal to me. … [Some] days I walk around the street, 気温が不安定な時期で、アレルギー?湿疹がわるくなり、来院される方が増えています。お困りの方はご相談ください。 thinking i’m just a “normal fella’” like everyone else.

And then [I remember]. No, I’m not.

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