If You See This Woman And Think She Doesn’t Seem Punk, Wait Till You See Her In Her Underwear

“I have no idea where this guy got off thinking it was acceptable devoting one paragraph to my politics and three to my appearance.”

This video is just a hit parade of quotable sound bites. Her stories of growing up as “the smart one” (3:00), telling off a music critic, struggling with major body image issues (5:15), and x learning piel to take up space as a tall, emotional, complex woman are so, so great. Beauty, honesty, and wisdom abound — just press play!

So why is a woman in her underwear to cheap nfl jerseys talk about the difficulty of being judged on her appearance? The makers A of this video are interested in exploring how style really comes cheap jerseys online from within. And I think it’s an act of bravery and vulnerability to bare and share her body in wholesale nba jerseys the cheap jerseys process of discussing how much shame and doubt she’s suffered in relationship to her physical self. What do wholesale nba jerseys you think? How do Golf we build a Student world more comfortable with bodies — by showing more or showing Stockings less?

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